5th Gear Fitness

Group Fitness for Everyone

Our Biohacking Approach:

5th Gear Fitness has partnered with LifeVantage, "a wellness and personal care company that believes your products are only as good as the science they stand on". At 5th Gear Fitness, we are equipped to support you through each component to help you reach your fitness and health goals.

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5th Gear Fitness classes are targeted and unique. Professional trainers and staff monitor and address your personal fitness needs, progress, and concerns. Based on the results of the Initial Assessment and INBODY, trainers are better able to make the best recommendations for you to accomplish your goals. You will have a clearer understanding of your body composition, posture, muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, and cardio fitness. Your trainer will have a clearer understanding of which classes/courses/training are the most appropriate for you as you begin your transformation.

Our "biohacking" philosophy is based on five fundamental fitness components: