Get your rear in gear!!!


ABS-olutely: This class is a dedicated ABS class utilizing a variety of modalities and equipment including, but not limited to stability balls, BOSU, bands, dumbells...You will ABS-olutely love all the possibilities...and the RESULTS!

Ballet Barre:  Ballet Barre is a Ballet inspired workout with hints of Pilates and Yoga. It focuses on balance, core strength, lower body strength, and overall toning and flexibility. Since we do the class bare-footed, no special footwear is required; no dance experience is required, either! Both men & women are welcome, too!

Bands:  This is a functional training class using a wide variety of resistance bands. Bands add manageable resistance to an already upbeat class setting. Challenge yourself to crank it up and sculpt the body you want.

Bodybuzz:  This is a resistance-based total body workout utilizing dumbbells, kettle bells, bar bells, and/or bands. Higher repetitions increase muscular endurance, but heavier loads can definitely make you stronger! Your body will be humming and BUZZING for hours!

Bootcamp:  Tires, ropes, sledgehammers, kettle bells...the list goes on. The key is to keep your weekends active and use the days that everyone else is sleeping in to get ahead.Trainers will rotate you through a high-intensity Boot Camp-style workout.

Cycle:  5th Gear Cycle is the most intense spin class experience you will ever have! Real Ryder bikes lean and rock, just like being out on the road. With motivating instructors leading the way along with AWESOME music, you will have the time of your life! You will definitely need a sweat towel and water for this one!

Functional Flex:  This is NOT a Reformer class. Functional Flex class is done on the Pilates Reformer and will allow for both active and passive stretching techniques. This class will increase your overall range of motion and performance. Functional Flex class is in high demand and has a limit of 6 participants per class. **Check your class plan for credit availability.**

Kettlebells:  Kettlebells is a total body functional training class using kettle bells for resistance. Because of its design, the off-centered weight of the kettle bell encourages greater recruitment of stabilizer muscles during exercise. "Cardio" benefits are an added upgrade to this unique class.

Mat Pilates:  Mat Pilates targets the Core, Abs, Posture, and Joint Mobility. In this class you will learn how to establish neutral spine which will enhance your success in all fitness classes. You will finish feeling lengthened, strengthened, and focused.

Overdrive:  Overdrive HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is our 5th Gear Fitness signature class. Each class is appropriate for all levels and is carefully tailored to provide participants opportunities to intensify or modify exercises. Because Overdrive is a fusion of cardio, calisthenics, plyometrics, and resistance training, every principle is represented. KICK IT INTO OVERDRIVE!

Overdrive Turbo:  This is the next level of the HIIT Overdrive class. This class incorporates accelerated movements in Strength, Agility, Power, and Endurance. *Assessment and Trainer approval required.*

Reformer Pilates:  Reformer Pilates classes have historically been for the "rich and famous", but we are bringing this to class to the mainstream! Focus on all the muscle groups that are neglected or overlooked in traditional training settings. Learn to work from a neutral spine and elongate your muscles while improving posture. Yes, it's magical! This class is in high demand and has a limit of 6 participants per class. **Check your class plan for credit availability.**

Tabata Cardio:  This is a moderate to high intensity, cardio-based interval training class with 20 seconds work periods and 10 seconds rest periods. Tabata Cardio is appropriate for all levels since low impact and high impact options are available. This class is a major calorie burner!

Tabata Strength:  This is a strength-based interval training class with 20 seconds work periods and 15 seconds rest periods. Tabata Strength is a muscle-building metabolism BOOSTER that keeps on giving long after you've left the gym!

Warm Yoga:  Experience the ancient art of yoga that unifies mind, body, and spirit. Challenge your strength, improve balance, and enhance flexibility in the warmth generated by heated ceiling panels and restore peace of mind while practicing to soothing music. Yoga has no boundaries and is a MUST for everyone!

Youth Boot Camp:  Youth Boot Camp is a scaled-down version of our HIIT OVERDRIVE & SATURDAY BOOT CAMP. Appropriate for youth ages 8-12, this class is designed to teach the fundamentals of strength, cardio, skill & agility, coordination, balance, & teamwork. Our goal is to cultivate a new generation of fitness enthusiasts who will eventually workout with their parents! Parents register your child(ren) on-site for this course. 20% sibling discount available.